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Fiber Optic Aerial Connection Details

Typical Aerial Connection methods for running Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber Optic Aerial Connection Details
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Advantages of Fiber Cable Over Wire

Aerial connection methods listed:

•  Typical Strange Storage for Fiber Optic Cables
•  Aerial Slack Bracket Detail
•  Aerial Splice Detail
•  Cable Extension Bracket Medium Duty
•  Fiber Optic Cable Clearance to Telephone or Television Cables
•  Typical Cable Continuation-Same Messenger Cable
•  Alternate Cable Continuation-Separate Messenger Cable
•  Typical Pole Attachment Detail For Messenger
•  Dead End or Turns
•  Typical Pole Attachment For Steel Pole
•  Typical Pole Attachment For Square Concrete Pole
•  Cable Lashed to Overhead Messenger Cable
•  Typical Cable Lashing Detail Double Lashing